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Manage Sites

You can also manage the websites on which your purchased Pro plugin is activated from the Xpro Dashboard. This feature allows you to easily enable or restrict a website from using your Xpro Elementor Addons Pro plugin. Follow the steps below to manage your websites.

How to Manage your Product License Key for Websites

Open your Xpro User Dashboard and click on the ‘Purchase History’ tab.

Find the purchased product you want to add or delete sites for and click on the ‘View Licenses’ option under the ‘License Keys’ column.

Now simply click on the ‘Manage Sites’ option available in the 2nd last column.

Here, you can easily view or deactivate the plugin on listed websites. You can also a new website from the available form on this page.

Note: The maximum number of websites on which the plugin can be activated depends on the Xpro Elementor Addons Pro package you purchased.

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