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Premium Elementor Extensions – Pro Features for Elementor Websites

Xpro Elementor Extensions – Pro is a unique feature created exclusively for Elementor lovers. These incredible premium features open up complete creative freedom for you to add amazing effects to your Elementor website. Our Pro extensions are meant to extend the core Elementor capabilities and give you an ultimate, fun, and powerful designing experience.

Our premium Elementor extensions work seamlessly with any widget. You can add stunning Elementor mouse and Elementor scroll effects to any Xpro widget. Enhance the complete aesthetic of your website by adding enticing Elementor Parallax Backgrounds. Use our premium 300+ line icons from Xpro Icon Library, add personalization with Elementor Display Conditions, and easily move your favorite saved templates from one website to another using our premium Elementor Cross-domain Copy/Paste extension. Below is the list of all Pro Elementor Extensions, let’s explore each one of them and find out how you can easily use any extension our your Elementor website.


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