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Elementor Google Maps Widget

Showcase single or multiple locations with custom markers, street view & more on your WordPress website. Style your Google Maps for Elementor in an elegant way with hover effects, CSS filters & tooltip styling.


Add Custom Markers with Multiple Locations

Upload any image as a marker on your Google Maps & fully personalize the user experience.

Feature 01

Enable Street View for Enhanced Location Visualization

Use our dynamic street view feature for Google Maps & provide an exclusive view to visitors.

Feature 02

Zoom-In Your Locations to Facilitate Visitors

Adjust the zoom in/out for your maps view and enhance your location visibility.

Feature 03

Fully Style Google Maps using Sneezy Maps

Add JSON code to customize and design map templates that match your web design.

Ultra Light With Labels

Subtle Grayscale Style

Interface Map Style

Modest Style

Customize Your Elementor Google Maps Widget As You Want

Our premium Google Maps widget for Elementor lets you style your locations’ map with hover effect, CSS filter, map skins & more.

Feature 04

Customize Your Map Height The Way You Like

Design beautiful maps layout by tweaking the height of your Elemetor maps widget.

Feature 05

Display All Location Markers By Adjusting Map with Zoom Controls

Engage visitors by showing all of your store/business locations in one go.

Style Your Elementor Google Maps with Personalized Tooltip

Choose from a wide range of styling options and make your map widget complement your web design in all aspects.

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