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Streamline your workflow by easily embedding any saved template to your page using Elementor template widget by elementor addons. You can also customize a new template from scratch with this amazing widget.

Use Any Saved Templates In Your Website With This Amazing Widget

Easily integrate your templates on the webpage using Elementor template widget. Import any saved templates on your design with a few clicks. You can choose from 500+ pre-built elementor templates or section blocks.

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What is the Elementor Template Widget?

The Elementor Template Widget allows you to insert pre-designed templates directly into your Elementor layouts. It enables you to quickly add and customize entire sections or pages saving you time and effort in building your website.

How do I use the Elementor Template Widget?

Start by editing the page in Elementor. Then, drag and drop the Template Widget onto your desired section or column. Select the pre-designed template you want to insert or customize from scratch without getting out of the Elementor. In the end, publish and save the changes. Hope you’ve got the idea, in case you need more details, visit our documentation on how to use elementor template widget.

Can I save any page as a template in Elementor?

Yes, you can save any page as a template by clicking on the “arrow” with the update button.

Is the template widget compatible with other Elementor Widgets?

Yes, the Template widget is compatible with other Elementor widgets. The widget allows you to insert saved templates into your Elementor layouts, and you can freely combine them with other Elementor widgets to create customized sections or pages.

Is Elementor Template Widget free?

Yes, It’s totally free. You can download and install the elementor widgets pack and get ahold of the template widget along with other 130+ free widgets.

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