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Xpro 360° Product View Widget

Create an awesome 360° product experience for your Elementor website visitors. Show off your products from all angles & sell more than ever.

The Coolest Elementor Widget To Showcase Your Products

Perfectly showcase your products & give customers a better view from all angles.

Attach Your Products 360 View Via Any Image Source

Upload your product images or directly load them from external source for a smooth transition.

Attach External Link

Directly add product frames from an external source to create a perfect 360 product showcase using our premium Elementor 360° product view widget.

Attach Local Image

Upload each frame to your library and choose starting and ending frames. Adding more images will lead to a better transition between frames.

Set Your Desired Starting & Ending Frames

Set your product animation frames as you want with simple clicks.

Elevate Your WordPress Store Experience

Drag Mouse to Rotate


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Configure a Vast Number of Customization Options

Completely customize your Elementor 360° image rotation widget the way you like.


Automatically Animate Your 360° Product Image

Upload your frames & simply toggle the ‘Animate’ button for 360° experience.



Add Frame Timing To Your Product Animation

Customize your Elementor 360° product frame timing & showcase them perfectly.


Turn On Loop Effect On Your Product Animation

Use our 360° product view widget to loop you animation for a smooth flow.


Display Your Products In The Most Attractive Way


Get More Creative with Our Widget Customization Options


Reverse Your Animation On Cursor Hover

Toggle the ‘Reverse’ button and quickly reverse the frame order of your product.



Retain The Product Animation

Use this option to retain the animation once visitors interact
with your 360° product.

Sell More With A Completely Immersive Product Experience

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