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Elementor Woo Cart Widget

Say goodbye to the clunky outdated Cart page and delight your customers with a modern Xpro Woo Cart Widget for Elementor. Create an appealing cart display with multiple layouts and customizations.


Effortlessly Create a Smooth User Experience with the Woo Cart Widget

The Woo Cart widget for Elementor includes all of the elements that customers require to view prior to making a payment. The advanced widget requires no coding and displays the product dynamically when the buyer adds it to the cart.


Perform Multiple customizations to the Button

With Xpro Elementor, styling is always smooth. Personalize the Button layout to make it more attractive and interactive with the multiple customization options including

  • Hover Effect
  • Background Color
  • Typography
  • Border
  • Shadow

Capture the Eye of Customers with a Stunning Cart Layout

Your WooCommerce Store requires a Cart Page and Xpro Elementor offers a stunning prebuilt Woo Cart layout that you can customize in any way you want.


Have the Power to Customize every Element of Your Cart Page

Enhance the Cart Page display and make it more visually appealing by customizing every aspect of the Woo widget according to your requirement. The styling options are wide and allow you to perform the following customizations

  • Customize Width Typography Style.
  • Customize Border Style.
  • Customize Text Color.
  • Customize Background Color Type.
  • Customize Cart Items Look & Feel.

Get Everything You Need to Make The Perfect Cart Page

Enhance the customer experience by providing an appealing cart layout that not only gives a beautiful cart display but also allows your customers to manage their cart in a user-friendly manner.

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