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Elementor Equal Height Extension

Get rid of Spending a lot of time in adjusting equal height in your design! Don’t worry from now, Elementor Equal Height Extention will help you to manage your column's or elements' height easily. It's FREE and Fun.

Design Column Layouts With Equal Height Extension

Want to display your pricing tables, posts, feature lists, info boxes, and testimonials column uniformly? Align them with equal height by using elementor extensions.

  • Works for Widgets used in Whole Section

  • Works With All 130+ Xpro Widgets

  • 100% Responsive & Beginner Friendly

Equalize Height Of Widgets To Balance The Layout

Power up your elementor widgets design by equalizing their height to balance the Layouts with powerful Equal Height Extension.

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Maintain Equal Height for Visually Appealing and Professional Design

Unleash the power of your blog post design with Elementor Equal Height Extension! Say goodbye to uneven elements and hello to a visually stunning masterpiece. Grab it now and unlock the secret to professionally polished designs.

Get Help From Our General Knowledge Base

What is Equal Height extension?

Equal Height extension is a plugin or add-on that allows you to create equal-height columns within your Elementor layouts easily.

How do I make columns the same height in WordPress?

You can make your columns' height same by using free elementor equal height extension. You can easily download elementor equal height extension with just a few clicks.

Why would I need the Equal Height extension for elementor?

Equal Height extension for elementor is useful for creating visually balanced designs with equal-height columns. It can be particularly beneficial for showcasing products, testimonials, team members, blog posts, info boxes, or any other content that you need to be displayed uniformly.

How does the Equal Height extension work?

Equal height extension for elementor enables equal-height functionality for specific columns. When enabled, it ensures that the selected columns within a row have the same height. If you are still confused, you can check our guide on how to use equal height extension for elementor.

Can I choose which columns to make equal in height?

Yes, you can choose which columns within a row you want to equal heights. You have the flexibility to enable the equal-height functionality individually for each column in the Elementor editor.

Can I use Elementor Equal Height extension with all Elementor widgets?

Yes, equal height extension is designed to work with all Elementor widgets.

Can I use the Elementor Equal Height extension with any WordPress theme?

Yes, you can use equal height extensions with any wordpress themes that support the Elementor page builder. 

Is Elementor Equal Height extension free?

Yes, Xpro elementor addons offer FREE equal height extensions, you can easily download this extension from Xpro's Best Addons for elementor with 130+ FREE Widgets.

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