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Elementor Page Title Widget

Build your website like never before with elementor page title widget! Design your title with icons, colors, strokes, text shadows & more. Elevate your title’s impact by integrating up to 6 HTML tags.


Create Trendy And Elegant Looking Page Titles

Transform your normal page titles into eye-popping ones by uploading icons from the library or uploading custom SVG. Improve the site’s search engine ranking using page title widget by Xpro elementor addons.

Leave a lasting impression on your visitors with a custom-designed page title to match your branding.

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Explore Multiple Options to Customize Your Page Title

Unleash your creativity and design your page title by exploring multiple customization options using Elementor page title widget. Achieve a perfect alignment of text and icons for a flawless fit on the webpage.

  • Stylish Page Title.
  • Use Custom Icon.
  • Add Before/After Icon.
  • Add HTML Tag.
  • Customize Typography.
  • Customize Icon And Text Color.

Include Icons From Library Or Upload Your Custom Icons

Elementor Page title widget lets you add icons from the vast library or you can also add custom icons by uploading SVG file. Level up your web design game and style your icons for an elegant look.


Set Your Page Title’s HTML Tag Ranging From H1 - H6

Captivate your audience utilizing the potential of HTML title tags. Put emphasis on your bold statements by choosing the title tag ranges from H1-H6.

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