Elementor WooCommerce User Profile Widget | 3 Unique Layouts

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Elementor WooCommerce User Profile Widget

Allow customers to create profiles on your WooCommerce website for easy access to manage their information and order.

Explore Your Design Options with 3 Available Layout Types

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  • 01
    Drop Down Layout
  • 02
  • 03
    Off Canvas

Make The Signup Process Easy with Auto Generate Password

Simplify the account creation process on your platform by offering customers the convenience of automatically generating a strong and secure password for them.

Preview End Point for Better Customization

Optimize the personalization experience for each endpoint by selecting a preview. Individually select Login, Signup, and Dashboard Preview to customize how they will be presented to the customers.

Create a User Friendly Interface for Your Customer to Create and Manage their Account

Deliver an exceptional e-commerce platform experience to your online customers, ensuring accessibility, user-friendliness, and a seamless shopping journey. Incorporate engaging WooCommerce widgets to enhance your user interactivity.

Effortlessly Tailor Your Toggle Button to Suit Your Specific Needs

Create a toggle button design with wide customization options, including icon selection, text editing, icon positioning, alignment preferences, and more.

Manage the Dashboard By Adding or Removing Lists

Enhance the user experience on your platform by incorporating multiple fields in the user dashboard. Include necessary fields to facilitate customers easily navigate and find what they are looking for.

Create the Best User Profile Layout for Your WooCommerce Elementor Website

The Xpro Elementor Woo User Profile widget offers extensive customization options, empowering you to personalize every element of the widget according to your preferences.






Form Fields


Form Buttons


List Menu


List Media


List Title


List Description


Toggle Button


Close Button

Get Help From Our General Knowledge Base

What is User Profile Widget?

A user profile widget is an Elementor WooCommerce widget by Xpro is a powerful tool that features a toggle button enabling users to seamlessly create an account or log in to the e-commerce website. It also empowers them to effortlessly manage their account, access order information, update billing details, and more.

How do I add the WooCommerce User Profile layout to my WordPress website?

Install the following plugins to create a user profile dashboard on your WooCommerce WordPress website.

  1. Elementor
  2. Xpro Elementor (Pro Version)

Open the Elementor page builder. Drag and drop the Xpro Woo User Profile widget to the desired Elementor Page location. Perform customization to each endpoint user interface.

Learn More: How to create User Profile in Elementor?

What is the difference between Xpro My Account widget & Xpro User profile widget?

The Xpro My Account widget presents a user-friendly dashboard layout that enables customers to efficiently manage their e-commerce website, providing convenient access to order information, billing details, address updates, and account information. On the other hand, the User Profile widget offers a toggle button with login, signup, and dashboard previews, facilitating seamless account creation and management.

Example of User Profile use in a WooCommerce website.

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