Advanced Heading Widget for Elementor | Image/GIF Masking

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Elementor Advanced Heading Widget

Create amazing content headings for your websites and give a WOW experience to visitors.

Pro Features Out of the Box

Our Advanced Heading widget comes with powerful & modern features you’d love to use.

Get Creative With Shadow Text Styling

Convert your catchy taglines into attractive headings by adding shadow text and design it the way you like.


Use Outline Text In Your Layouts

Make your shadow text more popping by adding a colorful outline & setting the desired stroke width.


Rotate Text At Any Angle

Make your headings more meaningful and pleasing by rotating your text at the right angles.



Use Shadow Background & Border Styling

Set a shadow text background and add borders to your headings.

Play With Extensive Color Customizations

Add color fills to your headings and make them more attractive, It’s super easy to use and gives you unlimited control.
  • Solid Fill Dual Color


Xpro Addons

  • Gradient Fill Color


Xpro Addons

Add Delightful Masking to Your Headings

A modern feature to create breathtaking content headings with image or GIF masking.

  • Image Mask


  • GIF Mask


Get More Creative with Separators

Give a sleek look to your headings by adding separators, Instantly make your content more appealing.
  • Separator Styles

Choose From Different Pre-Set Designs

Quickly add beautiful separators by choosing from our amazing pre-built designs and perfectly style them.
  • Custom Separators

Upload Your Own Custom Separators

You can use your custom separators by uploading an SVG and styling it to complement your content headings.

Separator With Icon

Choose from our massive Xpro icon library and find the perfect separator icon for your headings.

Separator With Text

Add a nice catchy phrase to your headings. It’s a good feature for separating title & desc.

Explore Different Separator Alignments

Add a touch of customization to your headings by positing the separator before or after the title.

Personalize Your Headings with Custom Icons

Get more creative with your content headings by adding a nice touch of branded icons.

Different Icon Alignment Customization

Align your icon and text in the most easiest way possible. Customize the icon size and color to make it more attractive.

Icon Background & Border Styles

Customize the icon background with solid color or gradient fill and add an elegant border from available options.

Add Icons As Background

Explain more with fewer words by adding your custom icons in the heading background.
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