Elementor Logo Carousel Widget | 27 Hover Animations, Loop

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Elementor Simple Carousel Widget

Create an exciting logo carousel on your WordPress website and showcase your clients or partners perfectly.

Create Beautiful Logo Carousels on Your Website

Showcase popping logos of your clients using our premium logo carousel Elementor widget.

Match Your Design Vision with Custom Logo Columns

Tweak the number of logos in each column & add autoplay for an exciting experience.

Use Multiple Logo Carousel Effects to Stand Out from the Competition

Our logo carousel widget for Elementor comes with 100s of useful customization options.


Mouse Drag

Apply the mouse drag feature to let users easily check all of your show cased logos with simple mouse action.



Let your client, product or sponsor logos iterate with a beautiful carousel effect using loop feature.


Show Nav

Let visitors navigate your logo carousels using beautifully styled navigation buttons with hover effects.


Show Dots

Excite visitors & personalize your logo carousel widget with dots navigation. Customize hover color, add border & more.

Apply Multiple Hover Effects to Your Logo Carousels

Make your logos visually more appealing by adding enticing hover effects to each of them.

Make Your Logos Standout with Customized Background Colors

Apply gradient or solid background color to your logos using our premium Elementor logo carousel widget.

Try Out Transparent Effect on Background

Make your logos more elegant and pleasing by applying transparent background from the style panel.

Fully Responsive Logo Carousel Widget for Elementor

Our widget works with all display devices and offers exciting styling options like box shadow, border, CSS filter & more.

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