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Create interactive Websites With Elementor Mouse Effect Extension

Create interactive and captivating websites with the powerful mouse effect extension for Elementor. With this innovative extension, you can effortlessly add interactive sleek animations, blend modes, enable mouse trail, change default mouse cursor and display Icon, Image, or text cursor styles.

Magnetic Effect

Magnetic Feature that Compels Users to Click

Mouse effect extension with its magnetic feature is a game-changer that captivates users, compelling them to click and interact with content in an irresistible way.

  • Grab Your Users Attention

  • Make Interactive Website Sections

  • Design Modern Layouts

Custom Cursor

Enable Custom Mouse Cursor Without Adding Any Extension

No need to put any extra effort or install any additional plugins! With the Xpro mouse effect custom cursor feature, you can create impressive mouse hover effects with icons, images, and text without adding any code for different sections and other Elementor widgets.

Web Design & Development
Development & Graphic design
UI Design & User Experience Audit
Interaction Design & Illustrations

Use Any Image As Custom Cursor

Reinforce your brand identity and create a cohesive visual experience by adding any image as custom cursors.

Use Different Cursors For Every Section

Visually differentiate various parts of your website by adding different cursors for each section.

Design Modern & Interactive Layouts

Incorporate your brand's colors, shapes, or logo, to make your website more recognizable with custom mouse cursor.

Rotating Text

Rearrange columns freely with Display Order

With mouse effect extension, you can rotate your text with complete control over the arrangement of columns for your content and design objectives on your web pages.

Ralph Lauren to Host First West Coast Show
Backstage Photos From Shows in Copenhagen
Gigi Hadid Is Bringing Cool to Fashion Week
Mouse Trail

Make Elements Follow Mouse Trail and Delight Your Visitors

Create a dynamic and playful appearance with Mouse Trail feature. Differentiate your website from others to add different elements, text, images, or icons, that dynamically follow the mouse cursor.

You can keep users engaged to explore your website further by applying the Mouse trail feature on various elements on your website, including headers, menus, buttons, or sections.

Unleash Creativity: Blend Modes for Dynamic Mouse Trails

Turn your boring mouse effects into a memorable ones with the blend modes. Choose from 15+ distinct blending effects to leave a lasting impression on visitors and win a chance to return them in the future. You might check our Ultimate Guide to Explore Mouse Effect Extension For Elementor.

  • Multiply

  • Difference

  • Screen

  • Hue

  • Color Dodge

  • Exclusion

Get Help From Our General Knowledge Base

What is a mouse effect extension for Elementor?

Mouse effect extension for Elementor is a plugin that extends the functionality of website pages. It typically involves elements that respond to mouse movements or interactions, such as hover effects, mouse trails, custom cursors, rotating text, blend modes, and magnetic feature.

Can I get blend modes in mouse effect extension for elementor?

Yes, you can get 15+ blend modes in mouse effect extension without installing any other elementor extension. These blend modes can apply to other elementor widgets.

Which types of mouse features can I get with mouse effect extension?

Mouse effect extensions for Elementor offer a wide range of features that can apply to widgets, sections, texts, icons, and buttons on your website. Some common features include mouse trails (where elements follow the cursor), and cursor customizations (changing the cursor appearance).

Do I need coding knowledge to use mouse effect extensions for Elementor?

No, one of the main advantages of using this powerful mouse effect extension for elementor is that you typically don't need coding knowledge.

Are these extensions compatible with all Elementor themes and templates?

Mouse effect extensions for Elementor are generally compatible with all Elementor themes and templates. You can also check the compatibility of elementor extensions from Xpro Elementor add-ons.

Can I disable or modify the mouse effect extension on specific devices?

Yes, you have full control to customize the behavior of the mouse effects based on different devices, such as desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. You can often enable or disable specific effects on different devices.

Where can I find mouse effect extensions for Elementor?

You can get this extension from the Xpro elementor addons premium pack in most flexible Pricing with multiple Elementor Pro extensions, and 70+ Premium & Unique Elementor Widgets.

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