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Elementor Draw SVG Widget

Get more creative and draw animation on any SVG element on your website. Add loop, hover effect, shadow & much more.


Create Visually Appealing Content That Speaks Volumes

Personalize Experience By Using Custom Stroke SVG Icons

Leave a lasting impression on your site visitors by animating any SVG of your choice. Apply one-time draw or on hover draw as you like.

Add Hover & Reverse Animations

Make your SVG animation draw up once the visitors hover over the text or icons. You can also apply reverse draw effect.

Creative Elementor Widget for A Great Visual Experience

Our Elementor SVG animation widget is full of exciting styling options that you can use to customize SVG icons as you like.




Make Your SVG Draw Up In Specific Seconds

Set the time limit for your SVG animations to draw up on your website. You can weak the duration for draw on hover.

Use Stagger To Set Delay Time for Individual Paths

Set the limit of stagger option and tweak the time for individual paths to complete. Make your SVG icons more pleasing.

Apply Exciting Colors To Your SVG Animations

Our premium SVG animation widget for Elementor lets you add branded colors to your SVG icons or text.





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