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Xpro Free Floating Effect Feature

Float Any Website Element with the stunning and FREE Xpro Floating Effect Feature.

Xpro Floating Animation Example

Make Your Content Visually Appealing with Xpro Floating Effects

Build your WordPress website with the coolest content effects. Make the Element Float with the absolute Free Floating Effect for Elementor.

Apply On Any Element

Translate, Rotate, or Scale to any Picture, Widget, Text, or any other Element.

  • Apply on Any Xpro and Elementor Widget
  • Apply motion effect with Translate, Scale, and Rotate
  • Fully Customizable

Easily Apply Elementor Floating Effect to Your Site Design

Select Any Element

Click and Select any Elementor Widget or Element

Elementor Advance Tab

Go To Advance Tab

Search the Feature in the Advanced Tab

Elementor Floating Effect Menu

Activate Floating Effect

Enable the Feature under the Floating Tab Menu

Explore Advanced Customization Options

Rotate Anything

Rotate Any Element to its X-axis or Y-axis

  • Set Duration

    Adjust the Speed of the Rotation Animation

  • Set Delay

    Set the time for the Animation to Start again

Customization options for Floating Effect Extension for Elementor

Make Modern Interactive Sections Using Rotation Effect

Demo of Elementor button widget in Floating Effect
Elementor Floating Animation demo

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Scale Effect

Draw User Attention by Highlighting Any Element with a Scale Effect

  • Scale Along X, Y Axis

    Expand and Shrink an Element on its X and Y-axis

  • Scale Along Z Axis

    Scale your Content to the Z-axis

Animation duration setting

Set Duration

Adjust the Speed of the Scale Animation

Animation Delay Setting

Set Delay

Set the time for the Animation to Start again

Divert User Focus or Emphasize On Elements With Scale Effect

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Floating Effect Extension Demo 2

Translate Effect

Gives mobility to the Site Element to move around in a stunning motion effect

  • Duration

    Set the time period for the motion animation

  • Delay

    Adjust the Gap between the Ending and Start of the Animation

Customization options for Floating Effect Extension for Elementor

Take Your Website to the Next Level with Xpro Elementor Translate Effect

Horizontal Translate Effect
Translate Effect Example
Headphone in Translate Effect Motion
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