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Page Title


The Xpro Elementor Pro Page Title Widget is a compelling widget that exhibits the Page Title that was allocated to the WordPress Page editor. When writing general content, you can add an icon, use up to 6 HTML tags, and align your content in 3 different ways: left, right, and center.

When it comes to designing the style, you have multiple different options like Typography, Color, Stroke, and Text Shadow. The Global Colors category is further divided into System Colors and Custom Colors. The Global Fonts category is further divided into Global Fonts and System Fonts.


You need to install and activate the free version of Xpro Elementor Addons. If you already have the plugin installed, just make sure the Page Title Widget is ‘Enabled’, so you can find it in the Elementor editor.

To enable the widget, simply follow these steps:

Step 1

Click on the Xpro Addons option available on the WordPress Dashboard Menu.

Step 2

From the Xpro Addons Dashboard, click on the Widgets Tab, find the Page Title Widget, and finally, toggle the button ON to enable it.

How to Use Page Title Widget for Elementor Pro

This Page Title widget allows a user to design his/her Page Title style by using the multiple options associated with it in one way or the other. A user also has the leverage to use the global colors which are further segmented into System Colors and Custom Colors. a user can also select between global fonts and system fonts.

How to Add Content in Page Title Widget for Elementor

In order to Add a title to your Page, add a new Page and write a page name in the Title. Publish the page and click on the “Edit with Elementor” button.

Step 1

Click on the Xpro Theme Builder section available in the Elementor Editor.

Step 2

From the Xpro Theme Builder section, simply drag-drop the Page Title widget on your desired page location.

This is the default view of our Xpro Page Title Widget

Xpro Elementor Pro shows the title that you have written in WordPress.

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By Xpro Elementor Addons

The general content section has three options associated with it:

  • Icon
  • HTML Tag
  • Alignment

There is an icon library in the icon section where you have the luxury to choose between multiple icons.

If you have selected to insert an icon then you can adjust the position and space between icon and title.

In the HTML Tag section, you can choose up to 6 HTML TAGS: H1, H2.H3, H4, H5, H6.

You can choose three alignments in the content style: left, center, and right.

How to Style Content in Page Title Widget for Elementor by Xpro:

Once done with adding content, you can shift toward your favorite part for styling under the Style Tab.

The Style Section contains a title that is further categorized into the following:

  • Typography ( it contains a custom option as well)
  • Color ( it contains a default option as well)
  • Stroke
  • Text Shadow

The typography section consists of the following:

  • Family – Change text Font
  • Weight – Adjust thickness of text
  • Size – Customize size
  • Transform – Convert text to capitalize, lowercase, or normal
  • Style – Make text italic, oblique, or normal
  • Decoration – Make a line with a text
  • Line Height – Adjust line Hieght
  • Letter Spacing – make space between each letter
  • Word Spacing – make space between each word

You can adjust all of the features according to your own choice. Some of the features have default adjustments as well but you can modify them too.

In the Color Section, there is a color picker that allows you to perform the following:

  • Create New Global Color
  • Dynamic Tags
  • Color Sampler

The Stroke part consists of:

  • Stroke Color (it has a default option as well)
  • Stroke Width

The Text Shadow consists of colors which can be:

  • Blur
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

( You can adjust all of them accordingly)

How to Style Icon in Page Title Widget

Click and open the Icon menu from where you can color the icon and adjust its size independently to the text.

Best Page Title Widget for Elementor

That is all from our Page Title Widget for Elementor. I hope now you have a better understanding of how to fully utilize our easy-to-use Title widget by Xpro and create the best suitable Page Title for your websites.

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