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How to Import Free Elementor Starter Sites

Effortlessly import any Xpro Free Starter Site Template to your Elementor page Builder and instantly start your WordPress website development process. Why create a website from scratch when you can use the customizable Elementor Starter Site templates designed by professionals to help you an appealing design.

Xpro Elementor Addons offers 100+ free and premium Elementor kits free for you to download and get your website live in no time. Once you’ve installed our free Elementor addons, simply follow the following steps to import and use our cloud-based free Elementor kits

1. Navigation to Xpro Addons Dashboard

Open your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Xpro Addons > Starter Sites

2. Explore Prebuilt Elementor Starter Sites

You will see 100s of beautiful Elementor template kits on the starter sites panel of Xpro Elementor addons. You can filter the starter sites by navigating to the free and pro filter. You can also search for a site for your desired niche from the “search bar” in the top right corner.

3. Preview and Import Starter Sites

Now simply hover over any starter site you like and see a live demo using the “preview button”.

The last step is to simply import the free starter site you like using the “import button”.

You will see a popup dialog box once you click on the “import button”. Simply click on the “yes, import” button to confirm the starter site import to your WordPress website. You can also click on the “cancel button” if you want to import a different Elementor free starter site.

Once you approve the import of the starter site, it will take less than a minute to populate the demo data on your website. You will see a success popup message once the data is successfully imported.

Click on the “Visit Site button” to view your imported free starter site for Elementor or simply close the popup message.

4. Customize Your Starter Site

Now use the Elementor Page Builder to edit and customize your free starter site once you view it. You can also try our free Elementor theme builder to customize default theme parts like header, footer, single page & post, archives, 404 page, search page, and much more.

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