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Xpro Extensions for Elementor (Free Features for Elementor) are unique features created for Elementor lovers. These amazing FREE features extend the Elementor capabilities and let you create eye-popping effects on your website using any Xpro Widget. You can add stunning animations using our Elementor Floating effect, use our premium 300+ Free Elementor Line Icons from Xpro Icon Library, and add exciting transforms like rotate, scale, and translate, without handling any shortcode. You can also use our Free Elementor Entrance Animation, and export any of our Pre-built Blocks & Full Page Templates within a few clicks. It’s pure fun, super easy to use, and works seamlessly with any Elementor widget.

There’s more about our Xpro Elementor Extensions, the features let you design websites like true professionals no matter the experience you have in web designing. Our extensions are meant to enhance the core Elementor experience for you. Below is the list of all FREE Xpro Elementor Extensions, let’s explore each one of them and find out how you can easily use any extension our your website.


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